10 Super Ideas to Modernize and Uplift your bedroom in 2020


Bedroom is your personal space where you spend some ‘Me’ time and ‘We’ time. Since it is your very personal space, it must speak about your personality. If your bedroom looks a tad boring, you need to spruce up your bedroom décor. Well, it need not be a costly affair. Also, you don’t need to go for the latest bedroom design and revamp it completely. Sometimes simply changing your bedroom organization can do the trick. Here we share with you 10 super ideas to modernize and uplift your bedroom in 2020:


1. Give your walls an artistic touch:

The artwork has the power to instantly spice up the bedroom. However, most people tend to restrict artwork to their living room. Adding bold artwork to the bedroom décor will make it look interesting. It doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. You can decorate the wall over your bed with family photo collage, or hang an ethnically designed quilt or an antique metal artwork frame. The size of the course should be in proportion to the size of the wall and your bedroom. You can even add a few art pieces and create a pattern on the wall.


2. Add a Dash of Colour with Throw Pillows:
While white and neutral shades may be soothing to the eyes, contrast will give the bedroom a lively look. You will be amazed at how this simple and affordable bedroom organization can up your style quotient.Throw pillows are trending in 2020. No matter if your bedroom décor is Indian or European inspired, throw pillows will never look out of place. Choose multiple pillows in bright shades. You can get throw pillows from Home Décor, Bed and Bath Shops and more. It is ideal to use 3 throw pillows. These could be of different shapes and colour. Check out IKEA, they have a lovely collection within the budgeted range.


3. Transform your headboard:

An interesting headboard adds personality to the bedroom and turns a boring bedroom décor into an interesting one. A headboard in striking colour adds glamour to the room. Depending on your taste, you can choose colorful, rustic or vintage style headboards. Some of the latest bedroom designs boast of textured headboards. Textured headboards add drama to the room. You can also give a boho touch to your bedroom with an exquisite bamboo fan on the wall.

4. Add Style with Lighting:
From tiny LED lights to a beautiful ceiling fixture, there are endless ways to add just the right kind of lighting to your bedroom. Pendant lighting is going to be the ‘in thing’ in 2020. You can buy it online from any home décor e-store. You can even try your hand at making a personalized pendant light. You may check out bedroom lighting ideas Amazon and Ikea

5. Mirror, Mirror on the wall…:
A Full-length mirror adds depth to the bedroom décor and makes it look bigger. Also, lights reflect better with a mirror making your bedroom look brighter and bigger. You can choose mirrors with artistic frames that remind of the Mughal era. Mirror embedded in a wrought iron frame is another great idea to glamourize your bedroom. Casadecor has some of the most incredible mirrors for your bedroom wall.

6. Lampshades on side table:
Lampshades never go out of fashion. Adding a bedside lamp warms up the room. Depending on the décor of your bedroom, you can choose a colorful lamp shed or go with neutral colours. Metallic lamp shades add drama to the bedroom. Gold, bronze and even silver lamp shed rank high on style quotient. If you are opting for gold, just make sure that it doesn’t get too shimmery.

7. Add a touch of freshness with plants:
Bamboo Plants became a rage a few years ago because these were thought to bring good luck. Whether or not it brings good luck, these definitely add oxygen to the atmosphere. Therefore, keeping a bamboo plant in your bedroom will fill up your bedroom with positive energy. Go for spiral bamboo sticks. You can put them in a glass vase. You can even use a colourful glass bottle for the bamboo sticks. If you are using a plain glass jar for the plants, you can dramatize the look by adding pebbles or colorful crystals. You can get these plants either from online stores such as Amazon, Ferns and Petals and more. Some of the other plants that you can use in the bedroom are dracaena, pothos, and Chinese evergreen.

8. Curtains:
Changing the curtains of your bedroom can transform your bedroom from drab and boring to exciting. You can give your bedroom a classy look with matching curtains with a throw pillow and headboard. If you are tight on budget, you may even use curtains in contrast with your headboard. Go for dark shade curtains for the bedroom.


9. Stylish knobs:
Change the knobs of your wardrobe and side tables to improve your bedroom look. You can get knobs in various shapes and designs from local hardware shops for a reasonable price. You may fix these knobs on your own or get help from a contractor. Whichever way you do, it won’t cost you a bomb.

10. Throw a stylish comforter
Plain blankets are too boring. Let it give way to a stylish comforter. Animal print comforters have been trending for quite some time now. They are likely to rule in 2020 as well. If animal print is not your choice, you may go for subtle designs. You can easily find a comforter in stores such as Dmart, Home Décor and more.

Use these tips and uplift your bedroom in 2020 without spending much time, money and energy!

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