10 Plants And Herbs You Can Grow In Your Kitchen Garden

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A bundle of fresh coriander, some twigs of aromatic Thai basil, freshly-cut leaves of green onion, as I pluck these herbs from my lush kitchen garden, a deep sense of contentment moves me from within. Yes, the feeling of adding fresh-harvest-taste to your food is something very satiating, and only a culinary aficionado can understand.

However, for people living in a metropolitan city, having a garden of their own is somewhat hard to imagine. A scarcity of space is probably the main reason. But, that does not mean you cannot indulge in gardening at all.

Here is a list of 10 plants and herbs that you can grow in your home or apartment. And, you know what? For this, you don’t need a lot of space or a large terrace. All you need is sufficient space inside your home and your love for gardening, and you are good to go. Let’s check out these useful plants and herbs!

Areca Palm:

If getting enough sunlight is also an issue for you, Areca Palm makes the perfect indoor plant for your home. As this leafy plant does not need direct sunlight, you can easily plant them in your living room, or wherever you want. Even if you have a little bit of space in your balcony, you need to make sure that the plant does not get direct sunlight, or else it will become yellow. Areca Palm is an air-purifying plant that filters toluene and xylene from the air.

Indian Basil:

Every Indian knows about Tulsi and its low-to-no maintenance character. And, growing this herb is an absolute no-brainer. Loaded with a lot of medicinal and air-purifying properties, you can plant in a pot of any kind and keep it in sunlight. Indian Basil needs regular watering. However, do not over-water it.

Aloe Vera:

Known for its excellent skin care benefits, Aloe Vera also purifies the air inside your home by filtering many chemicals that are usually present inside our homes. This plant blossoms well when grown in a warm and dry environment. A cold and wet climate is not much good for an aloe plant. Therefore, you need to water it only when the soil is dry. If you have a sunny corner at your home, make your aloe plant sit there and enjoy its energies.


                                      Snake Plant:

If you are looking for a natural air-purifier for your home, you have a NASA accredited indoor plant to count on. Yes, a snake plant is among one of the best air-purifying indoor plants. Known by many other names like Saint George’s Sword and Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, the snake plant is easy to grow, and you need to give it much attention. Even if you need to go out on vacation or are running short of water supply, there’s nothing to worry about. The plant will remain fresh.

Bamboo Palms:

To evoke a tropical feel inside your den, planting bamboo palms is a great idea. Also known as parlour palm, as long as these plants get enough water, these can thrive well in both bright light and low light. However, over-watering is a strict no-no. Therefore, you should wait till the visible soil gets dry and then water it. One more thing, bamboo palms love humidity. You can place the plant on a bed of pebbles and add water to it. It will help you keep the humidity quotient high.




Chinese evergreen:

When it comes to naming a much-loved houseplant, the Chinese evergreen tops the list.
One – it’s easy to care and needs negligible maintenance. Two – it is available in many varieties. These plants grow well in well-drained soil and love an extra layer of humidity. Although Chinese evergreens need a warm setting to grow well, these can also endure low temperatures, provided, it is kept out of drafts.



Also known as dumb cane, Dieffenbachia is a stunning indoor plant with attractive speckled patterns all over the leaves. This plant grows well in moist, yet well-drained soil. You keep it in low and indirect sunlight, and this beautiful plant will look its best, and improve the decor, as well as, quality of air inside your home.


                                                          Gerbera Daisy:

If you need a pop of colour or kick in your home’s ambience, Gerbera Daisies make the right choice. These flowering plants do not need too much heat. Just a portion of bright, but not direct sunlight, and you can revamp the entire look of your living room.


This onion-flavoured herb is loved by people who love to cook. Whether you want to add a kick to your soups, omelette, and salads or looking for a beautiful garnishing option, chives should be your go-to herb. Just mince using a sharp kitchen knife and wow. The best way to grow chives in your kitchen garden is to buy a potted plant in the first place. The reason for doing this is – readymade soils are rich in minerals and have all the needed nutrients in them. So, you will have your chives growing their best, and you can reuse the same soil again.


Bay Laurel:

It’s a flavorful Mediterranean shrub and a must-have ingredient for every kitchen. And, if you are a stew and soup person, having a pot of bay laurel is more than just essential for you. Remember, the oldest leaves will have the strongest aroma and flavour. And, you can either pick individual leaves, as and when needed or harvest at once. Besides adding character to your food, bay leaves are also great insect-repellents.



So, these are some of the most popular plants and herbs that you can grow inside your home, apartment, or home office. One of the best things about these greens is – no matter how small, or big your home is, you can plant them, and see them grow while adding mouthwatering flavours to your food and meeting your air purification needs.

There are many online shops like Ugaoo and NurseryLive that showcase a wide range of plants and herbs. You can order them online and see your home with greenery all around.

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