10 Must-haves In The Modern Kitchen

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The traditional and modern kitchens primarily share the common purpose of cooking. However, apart from this one common factor, modern kitchens differ a lot from their older versions. Today’s latest kitchens are not just a place for cooking but are the places where you spend awesome moments with family, experience silent moments with yourself, experiment with food and of course, cook scrumptious food! A perfect modern kitchen is not the result of a single endeavor; instead, it is the outcome of many elements and experiences.

Including top-of-the-line kitchen tools, appliances, gadgets, creative architecture and much more, a perfect modern kitchen gets created with many thoughtful decisions. If you are planning to upgrade your kitchen to one of the best modern-day kitchens, let me tell you that the possibilities are endless. Let’s get on a tour of 10 must-have items for your kitchen that will make you more efficient, better organized and lead to a more purposeful cooking place.

1.Sliding Shelves & Racks:

Gone are the days of dark kitchen cabinets that demanded you to stoop down and search for the required pans and other things. Roll-out kitchen shelves & cabinets are one of the latest kitchen trends. With sufficient space and the slider technology, these shelves and racks help you find needed items quickly. You may also wish to get roll-out kitchen shelves that come with built-in lights. The well-lit sliding shelves illuminate the storage area and provide ease as well as ass to the beauty of your kitchen.

2. Drawer Dishwasher:

Next on our list of top must-haves for the modern kitchen is the drawer dishwasher. Loaded with amazing advantages, the drawer dishwasher gives a luxurious appearance to your kitchen. The most significant benefit of using the drawer dishwasher is that you can use as many as you want to depend on your needs. You can also use this fantastic kitchen accessory for storing clean utensils too. Moreover, you get to save a lot of space when you use a good drawer dishwasher. You can also use your drawer dishwashers separately or together as required.



3. Built-in Flat Stove Top:

Are you the type you love a neat and clean look of your kitchen slabs? If so, the built-in flat stovetop like the Glen Glass Built In Hob 4 Burner is among the solutions. ON one hand, it adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen and on the other hand, it is easy to operate with features like auto-ignition, multiple burners, clean glass top, etc Built-in stovetops are the quintessential choice for the modern city dwellers who not only love a neat and clutter-free look for their kitchens but also need solutions that are easy to clean and maintain. The modern-day built-in stoves add to the pace of your cooking when it comes to parties and family get-togethers.

4. Food Processor:

Time is money! If you want to save your precious time, you ought to have the right food processor like the Philips Food Processor HL1661 Compact. The latest food processors are versatile and contribute very well to your daily cooking processes like slicing, chopping, pureeing, grinding, and cutting. You can even knead the dough and beat eggs in no time with the help of proficient food processors.

5. Wall Oven:

Speak up about your unparalleled taste in kitchen design with this accessory. Mounting a wall oven in your kitchen. The imposing look and attention apart it gives you ample space for baking your favorites in style. The latest wall ovens come with incredible features that include smartphone control, multiple baking, toasting, grilling modes, temperature alarms, and almost everything that you can expect from a top-notch oven. The wall ovens are widely known for saving space in kitchens, and most importantly, they are available in a wide array of designs and features including even the self-cleaning feature! Well, they are on the tad expensive side but hey, you don’t buy ovens every now and then so this will be a definite good long term investment.

6. Induction CookTops:

Modern kitchens are incomplete without induction cooktops. These cooktops are equipped with quick heating technology and multiple heating and cooking modes. Using as well as cleaning the induction cooktops is quite simple. These induction cooktops are safe to operate, save space, save time and are portable and that makes them a must-have in any kitchen. Hence, you can switch to a counter or kitchen island if you do not want to cook at the usual place of cooking in your kitchen. If you have a terrace or a balcony, well just plug it in and have a party. A wide range of induction cooktops by top brands like Philips and Prestige are among the choices available.

7. Hoody Kitchen Exhaust Hoods:

These days kitchens deserve the same attention like the living room or bedrooms when it comes to design. In fact, the kitchen is a challenging space as it imbies both functionality and visual appeal. You will agree that the whirring of the exhaust can be rather annoying and however best you try it’s a noisy affair. Want to get rid of the exhaust fan, fret not, kitchen hoods are here. With a kitchen hood, you can get rid of odors, fumes, odors, heat, smoke, steam and have a more peaceful cooking experience. But the best part about having a kitchen hood exhaust is that it can add to the design and appeal of any kitchen and is a style statement in itself.

8. Modern Kitchen Sink:

One of the essential items for a perfect kitchen is a multifunctional kitchen sink. Apart from giving you ample space for washing utensils, the modern kitchen sinks also support various other tasks like rinsing vegetables and easy cleaning. Available in various materials and sizes sinks can also have single or double chambers to suit your specific spaces, needs, and budgets. You can find amazing designs in Silverline or Zinzer wherein you will discover the large stainless steel sinks, granite quartz sinks, double bowl sinks and even more!

9. Mini Stand Mixers

Quick fixes need not have you running to your regular mixer grinder. Just get a mini stand mixer and add a little bit of magical speed to your cooking. A daily kitchen buddy this gadget can effortlessly mix, whip, and knead and someplace I have read it can also mash potatoes, whoa!. Well, sounds like a magic as it transforms your difficult cooking tasks into easier ones! Be it about churning the cookie batter, mixing cake batter, whisking the cream the mini stand mixer accomplishes all such tasks quickly and flawlessly. Also, being portable, the mini stand mixer can be easily placed at any kitchen corner or cabinet, but given its cute looks, you might just want it to be visible.

10. Electric Meat Grills for Barbeques and more:

If your taste buds crave the flavor of your favorite restaurant’s grilled food, it’s time to make it at home with electric barbecue grills. Chosen for the lack of coal and hence smoke-free electric grillers are popular for indoor and outdoor cooking. Not only do you save on cost but you can grill whenever you like without the hassle of traveling out. Whip up a new chicken breast grill recipe, or go for veggie and paneer grilled, and other mouthwatering delights on barbecue electric grills. Birthday parties will be more fun, cookouts and family barbecues get-togethers will no longer be a chore to plan. Say goodbye to the old bulky meat grillers and bring home the easy-to-use meat grillers that are available in a wide range of suitable sizes for various kitchen types.

Upgrade your kitchen with these superb must-have items and get your dream kitchen today and have the kitchen time of your life every day!

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