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Feng Shui, a traditional Chinese practice, combines the laws of the earth with spatial laws to bring harmony into people’s lives. The crux of its techniques revolves around the flow of “chi”, the vital energy form positively. In today’s article; we hope to elucidate the energizing concepts of feng shui and its techniques for your home.

The core concept of Feng Shui:

The ancient Chinese technique of Feng Shui dates back to almost 4000 B.C & it literally, translates to wind and water, which are believed to be essential in bringing good fortune to people’s lives! It is believed that wind and water can eradicate any negative energy, which is why most of the implemented techniques of feng shui are built around increasing the flow of wind and water.

The core concept of feng shui revolves around managing the flow of vital energy, i.e. “chi” in an enclosed environment by embracing nature to live in harmony with oneself and others. Thus, without further ado, let’s explore how you can apply feng shui techniques to your homes for a sense of calm and brighter days!

De-clutter Your Home & Do it regularly.

This is probably a concept that many are familiar with, and it is one of the elementary feng shui techniques that is implemented when you begin implementing feng shui at home! Many of us don’t realize this, but a cluttered house has a detrimental effect on our emotional health. The more we live in clutter, the more it frazzles the mind, and this impedes clarity of our thought process, which is why it is very important to de-clutter your home at regular intervals!

What more can clutter do? Well, according to feng shui principles, clutter often interferes with the inflow of positive energy, which is why it is essential to embrace a clutter-free attitude. A cluttered home or office often hoards packets of negative energy which negatively impacts people’s mind; thus, in the first go, you must de-clutter your home & do it regularly!

Add herb plants or a herb garden to your home!

Feng Shui says that good energy is all around us; we just have to embrace it, and one of the ways to do so is by creating a home garden and growing herbs you can use in your daily lives.

Herbs throughout centuries have been used in one way or the other to improve our health because they have vital energy to them due to their medicinal and healing properties. They add positivity & pleasantness to our daily lives. Due to these reasons, feng shui practitioners have widely recommended growing herbs at home.

There are various types of herbs that feng shui practitioners recommend growing at home such as Rosemary due to its healing properties, lavender which is known to calm emotions and eradicate any type of negative energy, mint to attract wealth and basil for its medicinal properties.

Adding a herb garden to your homes can truly cultivate positivity and not to forget, growing your own herbs is a very enjoyable experience!

Bring balance to your home with five elements of nature

Although feng shui is based upon the principle concepts of harmonizing through wind and water, feng shui also states that the “balance” in life is brought about by bringing in all the five elements of nature together. This is better understood and implemented with a Bagua map!


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Bagua map is also known as the energy map, and it represents nine areas of our lives that need to be in balance to bring good health. Each of these nine aspects is associated with a color and a direction of the house, and they can be balanced by implementing techniques that manage the five natural elements – earth, metal, water, wood, and fire.

How to use the Bagua map for your home feng shui?

To implement feng shui, the Bagua map needs to be aligned with the entrance of your apartment.
The entrance will align with one of the life aspects. Using the same, you can identify the other areas of your home as per bagua.
Now, that you have identified the areas based on the directions, you can enhance those areas based upon the energy needs. For instance: You can use yellow artefacts in the middle of your home to improve health or use an earthly element in the southwest direction to enhance your relationship.

Another way to bring about a “balance” at home through feng shui techniques is by including one of the elements into your living room or having a centrepiece that embraces all the five elements together.

Feng Shui tips for your outdoor garden :

Feng Shui tips have never been restricted to the indoors of your homes – they can be implemented to your outdoor terrace gardens & lawns as well! In order to do so, you need to apply the same concept of balancing the five elements which are required for the flow positive energy. In addition to balancing these energies, care has to be taken to ensure there no blockage that restricts the flow of chi.

One of the ways to bring fengshui “balance” of energies in your home garden is by incorporating feng shui elements like a fireplace, a metal artefact, and a water fountain.

Feng Shui your home by balcony gardening!

Another very popular tip recommended by feng shui experts is adopting the idea of balcony gardening for apartments and small homes! It is an ingenious way to use space to improve the flow of god chi. One of the ways to do so is by adding recommended herbs and including décor elements such as wind chimes, water fountains, etc.

The above illustrates some of the basic techniques that feng shui practitioners recommend to improve the flow of positive energy in your living spaces and bring about the critical balance of 5 elements that impact our living spaces and personal lives.

We wish you a happy new year full of positive energy and balance.










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