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Using Wallpaper to Uplift your Home Decor

Living Room

Wallpapers can have a magical effect, no doubt. You have probably seen hotels and restaurant walls and felt like having a similar decor at home. The good news is that you can, and it’s not so difficult. Infact, wallpapers have some definite advantages over painted walls. 

Life of Wallpaper

– Well, wallpapers can last long and retain fresher look than paint.

Hiding Imperfections

– Wallpaper adheres easily and smoothly to walls, hiding many surface imperfection.

Avoid Monotone effect

– Adding wallpaper to living room walls can add to the warmth that a single paint cannot do.

Uplift the mood of the room

– These days wallpapers come in an amazing range of beautiful designs, textures, art prints.

A quick designer look

– Create a designer living room. You can simply pick a wall or the complete space to wallpaper it.

Wallpapers for all moods – With development in technology Wallpaper manufacturing has also grown leaps and bounds. Today you can buy wallpaper for your home to suit mood of your room. The selection of effects available are so incredible you can get embossed, glittering, suede, and even that natural grass looking wallpapers.

Wall-Paper-blog-accent-wall-behind-coffee-tableHow to choose Wallpaper for different rooms?

Let’s help you figure out a plan to use the wallpaper in your rooms. To begin with please remember each room has its own purpose and is used in a particular manner unique to each. The living room is more of a social interaction space where family members and friends get together. Whereas the bedroom is a more personal 2 people space. This means the focus areas of each room are different hence all wallpaper styles cannot be applied to all types of rooms. But well, design is your choice so it’s up to you whether you want to buy wallpaper for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, kids room or any other parts of your house. Wallpaper can be used for various creative and visual expressions like adding depth, improve the feeling of space, to add drama or simply add a dash of colour. 

The classic all over look – In this look you give all the walls a wallpaper finish. The popular trends are simple stripe designs, smaller motifs and wallpapers with flowing lines giving the room a more spacious feel. Lighter shades add a feeling of space and are good to highlight wall accents. Large patterns can be used too if they do not overwhelm a room. It’s like your personal touch. 

The dramatic on wall designer look – When it comes to highlighting one part of a room what better than a wall for that larger than life impact which has your friends and family talking. Depending on the lighting ideas for your bedroom you have chosen to go for a dramatic pattern to highlight a part of your room. This need not be a wall, it could be opposite pillars, or you could choose your door and the wall above all the way to the ceiling or add glamour by having a gold finish wallpaper behind a sofa or bed. While motifs and patterns have always been favorites with homemakers, hint of metallic colours, the glossy finish with the right type of lighting ideas will give the room a classy, royal look.

The innovation with furniture – Yes, Wallpaper can be applied to furniture and it can be quite magical. The coffee table top can match the highlighted wall along with chairs. The cabinet drawer’s fronts can be finished with wallpaper. 

Use the ceiling for impact – The ceiling is as important as any other wall, especially when you want the lights to play magic, isn’t it? Ceiling has long been known as the canvas for artists since medieval times and I would think that’s because it’s the least disturbed of the walls and can retain art much longer. The churches and forts are symbolic of this form of art across the world. You could keep 3 of your walls light and simple colored and let that dramatic mid range colour textured wall paper flow from the ceiling all the way to the bottom of one wall. An excellent example of adding depth!

Choosing wallpaper for bedroom and living room

Let’s get down to the basics of choosing the wallpaper itself.  Given that two of the most important rooms in any house are the living room and the bedroom, lets see how we can wallpaper a living room and bedroom.

wall paper for iiving roomThe Wallpaper Room and its Purpose

Before stepping out to buy wallpaper or even before you go to an online store for buying any wallpaper, a quick note about the purpose of the room will come in handy. Obviously, you will not be using your living-room and bedroom for the same purposes, unless you are staying in an apartment (in which case you may not have the luxury of free wall space to use wall paper). Given the different purposes each room will have a design mood for itself. Colours and Designs have a powerful effect in our lives and each room has its impact on an individual so try to create spaces which complement your life. If you wish to follow tenets of vaastu Shastra or if you wish to use feng shui for your bedroom or living room then bright colored wallpapers with bolder patterns may be on your list for your living room. Typically, bedrooms are meant to be soothing and romantic spaces driven by strong relationship’s so you might want to buy light coloured wallpapers with small designs / patterns.

How to choose Wallpaper Colours and Patterns

Ok, so you have decided to buy wallpaper for your bedroom or your husband wants to do the bedroom later and decides you want to buy wallpaper for your living room. And after that decision you have understood the purpose of each of the spaces. Next decision will be to choose colours and patterns. The colour and patterns must enhance the effect of the room. *TIP – don’t go by fancy 3D images – natural lighting can make or break the effect of colours and patterns in a room. Traditionally vertical stripe patterns will make the ceiling appear higher but if you want the room to look wider then horizontal are the way to go. Try avoiding wallpapers that have large patterns inscribed on it, they generally tend to overpower the space and make it seem smaller.

Try Sample Wallpaper Before You Buy 

This is the last part before you finally end up buying that wall paper roll to revamp your walls. Check online and visit some large wall papers stores near you and also check manufacturer websites for their outlets. Visit and select 2 or 3 patterns you feel are best suited to your home and ask for the biggest sample they can provide. Take the sample home and put it up the wall temporarily for a week. Get the feel of living with it and after a few days take your decision.

Featured image courtesy : marshals wallpaper
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