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Convert That Space Under The Staircase into an Inspiring Decor Concept

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If your home has extra space under the staircase, then with the utilization of some extra creativity, you can transform the entire area into a functional living area or under stairs storage space. Under stairs storage ideas have proven to be extremely innovative and have tended to grab the attention of many homeowners over the years. Read this article to find out some unique under stairs storage ideas that will transform the space into something very unique.

Space under stairs design ideas:

"under-stairs-cupboard-design-idea-decorfo "Install a mini library under your staircase

The storage space under your staircase, with the addition of some under stair shelves or cabinets, can successfully transform the space into a mini library area. You can fill the trays with your favorite novels, board games, magazines, photo albums, and so on. You can wonderfully transform the space without the addition of any extra furniture into a small home library.

Build a kid’s play area

An excellent idea includes transforming the area under the staircase into a children’s playroom. Often when children are young, they require some small tucked away spaces where they can play and enjoy their time. This idea can turn into a fun hideout spot for your children. This is an efficient way to store your children’s favorite books, toys, games into one space tucked away neatly.

Install drawers for hidden storagehow-to-make-shelves-under-stairs-decorfo

To maximize your storage area, slide drawers can be of assistance. This is an efficient way for smaller homes to hide some items or keep them out of sight. Under stairs, cupboards can also be productive to create some extra closet space for storing things.

Designing a cozy area for reading or watching movies

A reading nook is a must for book lovers. Space under stairs design ideas includes installing a mini reading nook if you cannot fit one in your living room or bedroom. You are only required to add multiple cushions, a cozy mattress, good lighting, and that will certainly make the most comfortable space your home has. If you have enough room, you can also include a bench to have a place to sit or for storage purposes.

Create a charging and phone booth station

With the addition of a mini under stair cupboard, you can also convert the area under your stairs into a private space to take some important phone calls. You can install your landline connection to that place. If you do not have a landline phone, you can also use the area as the designated charging station for your smartphones, iPods, smartwatches, and other electronic devices.

Add more Kitchen pantry space to your home under-stair-pantry-storage-idea-decorfo

If you have a small home, you might face a limited kitchen storage area. Amazing space under stairs design ideas includes utilizing the storage area to create a pantry space. With the addition of a few floating under stair shelves, rolling drawers, under stair cupboards, you will be able to store dry goods irrespective of their shapes and sizes.

Expand your kitchen’s cabinet area

This is an under stair cupboard storage idea that you definitely would not like to miss! Instead of adding another pantry to your house, you can also utilize the space to store your additional crockery, dishes, serving trays, silverware, and so on.

Design your very own wine roomInnovative-under-stairs-wine-room-decorfo

Innovative under stairs storage ideas include in designing your very own wine room. You do not require a large cellar area to store your wine collection. The space under your staircase can turn into an excellent area to both stores and display your amazing wine collection. With a little creativity, this renovation can be the major appealing area of your entire house only for a fraction of cost.

Install a wet bar

Innovative under stairs storage ideas, along with a little creativity, can certainly transform the vibe of your home. With the installation of a wet bar in your house, every hour is a happy hour. All you require for an under stairs bar is an under stair cupboard or cabinet space for storing spirits, a countertop for serving and mixing some drinks, and a mini-fridge.

Add a coat closet

We often suffer from a limited closet area. The space under your staircase can serve in being an excellent spot for a coat closet. You are only required to add a few shelves, hangers, rods, and hooks. This can be an efficient alternative to store umbrellas, scarfs, hats, bags, and plenty of other accessories.

Build an under-staircase bathroom

Another efficient space under stairs design ideas is to utilize the area to create another small bathroom for your home. This proves to be an excellent idea if your home entertains a lot of guests. If not, you can also create a small powder room, which is a lesser expensive option.

Install a small room for your pets

Our pets require a cozy area for a nap, or for them to hide, or play. So why not use the space under our staircase to build a mini-home for your pets? All you require is a small bed for your pets, their dishes in which you serve them their food, an optional door, or a small gate.

Create a small office area

Instead of utilizing a room, you can use the space under your stairs for a compact office area. This will feel more like a private workstation. You are only required to add a few shelves to store your files, paper, and additional office items. This makes sure you have some personal space when you are working, and you do not misplace some crucial files or documents as this area makes them easily accessible.

under-stairs-shoe-storage-drawers-decorfoBuild an innovative shoe rack

The space under your staircase can be used to build an innovative shoe rack with the addition of some shelves; you can also include a door if you would like to conceal the storage area. You can store your favorite pair of boots, sports shoes, and so on inside the shoe rack. You can install sliders, shelves, or even a cupboard for building a shoe rack. The construction can be done at minimal expenditure.

Construct an iron stand for plants

If you have a small home where storing plants is a task, the unused space under your staircase can be quite the solution. You can include some planter racks and an iron stand to decorate your home with plants that don’t require a lot of sunlight. This is most likely to enhance your home’s beauty. Some plants that don’t need direct sunlight include Dracaena, Bromeliads, Chinese Evergreen, English Ivy, Parlor Palm, and so on.

If you lack space, the unused space under your staircase can undoubtedly be of maximal usage. These ideas are easy to implement and do not require much expenditure. The under-staircase area is a great storage place for all your goods. This area serves as a smart way to enhance the beauty of your home. Some of the smartest ideas that can be implemented have been mentioned above in this article, which will truly increase your home’s value.

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