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Whether you have bought or rented a new place or are looking to give the interior of your old home a makeover, mirrors are what should be in your consideration set. With the popularity of mirrors in home décor spreading like wildfire, the dressing table mirror is no longer the only mirror in your room.

Why should you use mirrors to decorate your home?

Whether you have bought or rented a new place or are looking to give the interior of your old home a makeover, mirrors are what should be in your consideration set. With the popularity of mirrors in home décor spreading like wildfire, the dressing table mirror is no longer the only mirror in your room.

Why use mirrors to decorate your home?

Mirrors have caught the fancy of interior designers not only because they look good, but also because they also serve a multitude of purposes which add that extra something to your room’s décor.

Listed below are a few benefits that you get by using mirrors in home décor

Add some extra square footage to your apartment

We have all been to restaurants and studios where there are plenty of mirrors used for décor. Well, that was not only a décor strategy, but it is a trick used to make the room look bigger than it is.

Mirrors create a visual illusion that makes a closed space look bigger than it is. You can always use this property of mirrors to make your apartment look bigger without.

You can best use this property in narrow hallways that you feel are a bit cramped for space. Place a few wall mirrors on both sides, and all of a sudden, the corridor will start appearing broader.

types-of-mirror-decorfoLight up your room with natural light

Lighting is one of the foremost concerns that everyone and anyone has while buying a new place or decorating one. Mirrors can extend a helping hand in this regard.

If you want to improve the lighting conditions in your apartment, you can place mirrors near or opposite the windows. When you do this, natural light entering through the window reflects off the mirror. Thus, illuminating the whole room. To make optimum use of this light reflection strategy, instead of opting for a plane mirror, you can opt for a mirror design with a convex surface as they will reflect light in all directions better than a plane mirror.

Get your room a glamorous focal pointwall-mirror-design-ideas-decorfo

Most people look for a perfect, exotic piece of art that they could hang over the fireplace or bed, and that would serve as the focal point in the room. In the process, they end up burning a neat hole through their pockets. Why go for expensive art pieces when you can do the same thing by using a relatively cheaper item? Mirrors.

Mirrors are shiny, glamorous, and can light up a room. Hence, they are a perfect choice when it comes to choosing the focal point of a place. You can opt for either hanging mirrors or wall mirrors for this purpose.

Mirrors serve as make-up for your room

If you are renting an old apartment or looking to re-decorate your old place, then the chances are that the walls might have cracks, dents, or spots you might want to hide. Most consider hanging paintings or posters to conceal these imperfections. But art and posters burden the room and make it look smaller. On the contrary, as mentioned above, mirrors create the illusion of space. So, mirrors can serve as a better concealer in this respect.

You could opt for wall mirrors for this purpose. Not only do wall mirrors hide the cracks and holes, but they also add to the style quotient of the room. Hence, serving a dual purpose.

What are the different types of mirrors that you can use to decorate your room?

You can use different types of mirrors in home décor based on the purpose of their usage and the setting. Some of the most commonly used types of mirrors are listed below.

hanging-mirror-decorfoHanging Mirrors

If you wish to make a mirror the focal point of your room, then hanging mirrors are the type of mirrors that best serves your purpose. These mirrors, when suspended from the ceiling, provide both contrast and interest owing to its shiny nature and glamorous appearance.
Apart from its looks, hanging mirrors are also functional as they allow two people to use the mirror at the same time and is also high enough to avoid getting splashed with water and developing drop marks.

Wall mirrorswall-mirror-decorfo

These types of mirrors are especially handy when you want to use mirrors to create an illusion of spaciousness in your apartment. Wall mirrors can be readily fixed to the walls of your residence and can help to make that cramped hallway look broader.

Wall mirrors can also be placed near the windows or on their opposite sides to enhance the lighting conditions of the room.

dressing-table-mirror-decorfoDressing Table mirror

Even today, the good old dressing table mirror is perhaps the most common form of mirror found in households all over the globe.

Serving the primary purpose of being looked into while dressing up, dressing table mirrors are an integral part of our lives, and most of us can’t imagine our lives without one. Available in different designs, dressing table mirrors are now increasingly used to add to the style quotient of an apartment’s décor.

Mirrors in Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui

Mirrors, as per Vastu Shastra, are an essential component that, when placed aptly, brings significant positive energies to your house and, in turn, to your life. It has the capability of influencing both positive and negative energy.

It can affect your wealth. When a mirror is placed opposite to the locker in your house, it increases your wealth. Mirrors should facing the North direction as the North direction is considered the place of Lord Kubera – the God of Wealth. Hence, it is essential to keep this direction positive and energetic. Also, mirrors should not face the entrance of a house as it reflects away the energy that is entering the house.

Square and rectangular mirror designs are considered suitable for homes, while round or spherical mirrors are not recommended per Vaastu for some spaces in the house.

Feng Shui and mirrors also have a positive relationship. Mirrors are considered as elements that invite positive energy into space. Also, it embodies the element water, and water cultivates introspection and wisdom. The water element also has a cooling effect. Hence, mirrors for home décor is a common Feng Shui application. Flat mirrors, concave and convex mirrors, and Bagua mirrors are widely used in Feng Shui applications.

How can you judge the quality of a mirror?

All through this article, we have seen how mirrors can serve as a critical component to uplift a room’s décor. But all these points get thrown out of the window if the mirror is of poor quality or the mirror design is does not gel with the interiors. A low-quality mirror does not last, looks terrible, and takes away from the style quotient of your room. Hence it is vital to choose good quality mirrors.

While choosing mirrors, you should always buy from a reliable company, get accurate measurements according to your requirements, and based on the setting of the mirror. Also, it would be best if you never hurried while making a purchase. Make an informed decision to purchase mirrors only after considering all your options.

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