How to take good care of your wooden furniture?

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Wooden furniture is a ubiquitous sight in most modern households. It looks great because of its vintage vibe and allows every homeowner to invest in several decoration ideas. But, looking after wooden furniture can be a significant challenge if you are unaware of the following care tips. Wooden furniture is highly sensitive to stains, spills, and moisture. Thus, you must save the following list in your quick read so that you can refer to it instantly. Furniture care is essential to create a good impression on guests and maintain an overall hygienic lifestyle at home and in your workplace.

General tips on taking care of wood furniture:

  • How can you avoid food and liquid spills on the table?

Food and liquid spills on the wooden table can ruin it. Thus, the best way to protect your furniture is by using coasters and potholders. Since wood is intolerant towards moisture, ensure that you do not place hot items directly on it. You can easily find aesthetic potholders online. Moreover, one of the most trending interior decoration ideas is to use graphic or personalized coasters. Alternatively, invest in fancy tablecloths that look nice and also serve as protection.


  • Can environmental factors damage wood furniture?

Have you ever wondered how environmental factors such as light and heat affect your furniture? It would help if you never placed wooden furniture directly in front of open windows and fireplaces because that can ultimately damage your pieces. It would be best if you protect your furniture from rain and extra heat that may filter in from the windows and vents. The best thing to do is to store your pieces in a cool and dry place.

  • How should you dust the wood furniture at home and the office?

Dusting your furniture every day is very important to ensure that there is no germ build-up. Particles in the air may cause a film on the wood furniture that laters causes scratches on the surface. The best fabric to use for wood cleaning and dusting is cotton. You can use any old cotton T-shirt for the best results. If you have placed ornate wood statues and carvings, then please note that you must use a lambswool duster; it is light-weight and soft.


  • Which is the best way to clean?

Home and office owners are often confused about how to clean wood furniture. Please note that there is a significant difference between dusting and cleaning. While most people confuse the two, please note that cleaning is a more rigorous process. When you need to clean a particular oily spot on wooden furniture, you must use a damp cloth with mild dish detergent. Clean the place thoroughly but do not scratch the surface. Then, you must remember to clean the spot with a wet cloth and plain water. Lastly, wipe it off with a dry cloth to remove any scope of moisture development.

  • Why should you use polishes and sprays?

If you are wondering how to maintain wooden furniture, then please note that polishes and wood sprays can work like magic. Most regular polishes and sprays contain either petroleum distillates or silicone oil for a fresh and shiny finish, and to offer some protection for your wood. However, remember not to mix products because too much of these can cause a layer of stickiness on your furniture. Moreover, it can be more harmful when it combines with dust. Lastly, never mix any spray with a wax protectant. However, this does not imply that you cannot use wax on the furniture at all.


  • How to treat wear and tear?

Every piece of furniture that you own is prone to wear and tear because each piece has its shelf-life. The most common ways of fighting wear and tear are by painting the wooden furniture or using polishes to breathe new life into the pieces. The most significant benefit of repainting them is that they look as good as new, and the paint forms a protective layer against shredding, scratches, and peeling.

  • What is the meaning of re-oiling dry wood?

Re-oiling dry wood refers to a process that is similar to oil the wheels of iron gates. Oiling helps to ensure smoothness in function and effectiveness. When your furniture becomes too dry, you must follow a procedure to re-oil it. First, you must clean it with an oil-based soap. Then prepare the surface with steel wool, always working along the grain. Lastly, apply furniture oil and let it soak for 15 minutes. Please note that if you plan to use an additional protector, then you must wait for at least 24 hours. Only then there is a complete guarantee of proper furniture care.

  • Can you control the smell of wood?

Furniture odor can be extremely unpleasant. Sometimes, the stench may become unbearable if one kept the furniture in the attic for too long. Then, what can you do to get rid of the smell? Well, it is quite simple. Either you sprinkle baking soda on the surface and let it be, or you may place charcoal pieces in the drawer to absorb smells. Alternatively, you may also leave the furniture out in the sun to get rid of the smell. Please ensure that you choose a sufficiently dry day for this exercise.

  • How to fight tough stains?

Last but not least, are you wondering how to clean stained furniture? Property owners often face problems when it comes to removing tough stains from wood furniture. Guests, kids, senior citizens, or accidents may sometimes cause severe damage to your furniture. Instead of opting for expensive furniture polishing and painting treatments, you can use items such as toothpaste, vinegar, and mayonnaise to get rid of stains.

To conclude, looking after wooden furniture is not difficult at all. Your home and workplace speak tons about you. Lack of wood care can lead to several problems and, consequently, result in more investment in furniture maintenance. The simple tips mentioned above are remarkably budget-friendly and require minimal effort. Just incorporate some changes in the cleaning schedule, and the reward you get is a lifetime of comfort. Happy venues need content furniture!

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