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We all love our homes. It is the place we finally want to be at the end of a tiring day, or when we wake up as it provides us with the comfort of space we call our own, space which personifies us, is created by us in a way that provides the feeling of belonging. A home reflects our personalities that embody color, lighting, furniture, and other materials that make it unique. Homes can be owned or rented, and this brings us to the topic of this blog about decorating our home on a budget, especially when we don’t own the house. And because a rental home is not our own, it presents many decorating challenges. Many home lease agreements contain clauses that do not allow the tenant to make permanent changes/alterations.
In some cases, you could have restrictions to make even minor changes in your rented apartment, and that can be frustrating at some point. But it need not be so. There are multiple ways you can decorate your rental apartment to meet your style and design needs, and guess what, you can even take these with you to the next home.

You will vacate your rental apartment at some point in time, either to move to a bigger one to a better location, hence it’s difficult to imagine spending a large sum of money on its decor. When the space you call home doesn’t have a sense of permanence; spending money on decorating a rental space doesn’t always feel right.

Decorating a home on a budget, even if it is a rental home is a dilemma for almost everyone who wants to have the best-designed home without spending a large amount of money on expensive changes and specialized services of interior decorators and the like. The good news for all of you who stay in rented homes, there are a lot of things you can do to spruce up your home and make it into that new, designer-looking home without breaching clauses in your rental apartment lease agreement. Let’s get started,

Let’s begin with the BIGger items first – Decorating Walls on a budget

When you move into a rental home, it is either left with walls as liked by the previous tenant or even worse will be in the original condition as the landlord had it when he purchased the house. Landlords typically do not do much décor for rental premises.

There are still many ways to give your walls a different personality, the one that suits you without having to worry about your landlord’s clauses.

Painting or Wallpaper

Well, this is a big one, isn’t it? Painting can be such a pain, and then if you must move, you might have to repaint to the original shade if your agreement says so. Its almost double the cost, and that’s why wallpaper is preferred. There are different types of wallpaper, and its a quick and cheaper solution. What if your landlord says you must give him back the painted wall – No worries! You can get removable wallpaper, but it’s not as cheap as the usual stuff you get. So maybe you want to use it to highlight one wall, and that could do the magic to your room.

 Highlighting one wall

Well, all your walls don’t need to be repainted or wallpapered for the fresh home feeling. A little drama here and there would be a significant change in a room. And remember there’s more than walls that you are going to work on to create that wholesome place you will call home. A highlighted or accent wall surely is a low-cost, high impact solution to get that wow appeal.

You need to think beyond paint and wallpaper. There are Decals (stickers) in various designs, shapes, and sizes for almost every time of wall space you want to cover. Just check out Ikea or Amazon for dozens of ideas.
Or you could use a piece of tapestry or wall rugs for that lux and elegant feel. Or simply put up a beautiful piece of patterned fabric or handwoven fabrics you can get online or some you pick up during your travels.


Have you heard about Washi Tape for decorating walls?

Yup, Tape! You read it right, it like the tape you use for craft and gifting, but this one is available in so many colors and patterns that you will be spoilt for choice. You even get Washi tape in Gold Foil Print, isn’t that amazing? It is eco-friendly and made from natural fibers, looks very cool, and is easily removable too.


Making an Art Wall

You already had this on your mind, isn’t it? Hanging frames do add a bit of drama and are an elegant add-on to any wall. You could create your art wall on your own using apps like canva, make a collage of your travel pics or simply group a bunch of frames in different sizes and add your photos. Do you know you could directly print on canvas for that artistic effect? Yes, these services are available online are quite reasonable too. And if you want to avoid drilling holes, fret not, there are excellent frame sticking solutions for walls from brands like 3m and others which provide removable frame stickers.

The wall done let’s move to Decorate the Floor

Not all rental apartment floors are in good shape. After all, they the most used part of any home. Most people let the floors untouched as long as it fits their definition of “functional.” Is there a solution for flooring within a budget? Sure there is,

Enter Vinyl Decals and Rugs

Among the two, the easiest is to settle for rugs. Set them up as you prefer and roll them up when you want to change the look of the floor. Rugs are available in various sizes, and you could also play mix-n-match to add a touch of drams to the flooring. And by the by some lightweight rugs be moved to the walls too.

Hanging Curtains to embellish the window spaces

Curtains you will notice are a debatable subject for many a homemaker. When thinking design, curtains are often overlooked or kept towards the end of the list. But..but..if you look at some of the most impactful home décor images, you will realize that curtains can make a huge difference.

Besides, curtains are in their simplest form, required to block light, absorb and block sound, heat, and cold. And if you walk into any store selling curtains and draperies, you will be lost in the vast array of designs, sizes, and materials. Let’s just say there’s a curtain for every budget and every homemaker’s liking.


Decorate with Furniture and Accents

Furniture is form and function in one. It’s the most impactful of décor pieces when it comes to a living room, dining area, or even the balcony if you have one. Furniture is long-lasting and can move with you. Sure, good furniture might seem like a huge cost, but then some effort and time scouting for reasonable offers online or at secondhand stores and discount marts can turn into fascinating and innovative designs.

If you already have furniture and are kind of bored of having the same, re-model or refinish them. Wood polish or varnishing can give it a new shiny look, or you may just want to explore painting furniture to match your walls and décor theme. Good Furniture is long-lasting and can be a companion for many years.


Changing the functional stuff to your liking – Taps / Faucets & Showerheads

Yes, decorating or revamping a home or a room is undoubtedly an upgrade, but what is an upgrade worth if it is not functional enough to help you enjoy your home.

All you have to do is get a plumber and understand what brand or type of fittings can fit on the current set of taps, faucets, and showerheads, and you are on your way to a newer look. When you move, simply replace the new with the old.

The smaller things can make a huge difference

The Quick Fix Cabinet Knobs idea

Just search for “cabinet knobs”, Door knobs, or any types of knobs, and you will be inundated with images of knobs in hundreds of designs, shapes, and materials. Knobs can add a dash of new life to that old cabinet or wardrobe. Door knobs can suddenly take all the attention away from a few patches the door might have or that old door feeling.

Tip: Remove the existing knob and before going to the market. Why? Because you need to get knobs that will fit the existing holes.

Go green and use plants to decorate your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom

a potted plant in the quaint corner can add colour and life to a dull space so can small pots on a window sills. Decorative containers will add to visual appeal.

Cushions and Pillows can be decorative elements too

Cover your cushions and pillows in patterns and designs to change with your moods or festivals. You can even buy pillow covers for that special party mood.

A home must feel like home, and what better a way than decorate it yourself with some of the above budget renovation ideas. It doesn’t matter if your home is rented or owned, give it your best, and it will surely add value to your life.

Declutter for A Clean & Organized Home

Too much clutter can soon change the way you feel about your home. Clutter gives way to a feeling of unrest and discontent, which is precisely the opposite of what we want our homes to be. A house or a room is like a place we retreat into for relaxation. Visual clutter is distracting and takes away your ability to focus. Decluttering can not only make a huge difference to the look & feel of a house but is also a critical aspect of well-being.

Storage Ideas for Small Rental Homes

Storage is something we find we are short of, whatever the size of a home. And lack of storage or perceived lack thereof leads to clutter. Proper storage gives a sense of space and harmony in a house. Let’s look at some quick storage solutions on a budget.

· Organize Kitchen, Pantry Staples & Water Bottles behind the door

· Double up your old storage trunk as a Coffee Table

· Wicker baskets, Wire Baskets, Paper Mache Baskets, Rope baskets, Fabric Baskets, cardboard baskets, and there are more – Baskets can store just about anything lying in the open.

· Floating Shelves, Corner shelves – there are shelves that will find use in some way or the other

· Add Mirrors to add to the feeling of space rooms and in our bedroom the mirror can have a cabinet right to store a ton of personal accessories and cosmetics.

Renovating your home on a budget is perfectly doable. All it takes some time, research and an innovative styling approach to make any house feel like home.

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