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Simple Productivity Hacks for a Great Start To Your Day

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Imagine going to bed, knowing that you have a lot of work to attend the next day. You sleep early and set the alarm to give you enough sleep and time to prepare for the next day’s morning routine. To your surprise, you wake up on time, but still, end up getting delayed because..because you ended up doing things you should not have…maybe even an unconscious habit of checking your social media newsfeed. So, who is to blame? It is the reality for so many of us. Our eyes get tired as soon as we wake up, and we feel lethargic all day and then sink into bed at night feeling tired and stressed that the next day would be more difficult. Is there a way to make mornings chirpy, happy and feeling good? Sure there is, continue reading ahead to know ways to boost morning mood and productivity.

Morning-exercises-decorfoYou Knew it Already! Morning Exercise Tops the Productivity List

Morning exercises are undoubtedly the best way to start your day. There are several exercise routines that you can follow. Some of the most common ones include jumping jacks, lunges, and waist and wrist rotations. You must exercise in an open space in the morning, such as a park or your terrace if possible. The fresh air is vital for efficient bodily functions. If you are someone who keeps saying, “I will start tomorrow!” then you must begin with a warm-up and slowly you will get into the routine.

Some Morning Meditation at Home can do wonders

Meditation is an excellent way to start your day because it builds your concentration power, relaxes your mind, and helps you to let go of all your work-related stress. You can either join a meditation room class around you or practice at home. It is effortless to find online videos and tutorials on the correct way to meditate. Moreover, you can also search for soothing tones and tunes that will create a calm atmosphere around you.

Boost Your Mornings with Music you LoveMornings-with-Music-decorfo

Do you love listening to music? Does everyone keep saying that you are addicted to your playlist? Well, you now have another excuse to listen to songs on loop. Music is an excellent stressbuster because you immerse yourself in the song completely. You can listen to any genre of music such as hip-hop, rock, Bollywood, classical, pop, or anything. If you are a mother who has to send her children to school each day in the morning, then you must use light music to wake them up for the day.

Dress Well to Feel Confident and Prepared for a Productive Day

Are you a working person who has to head to the office each day? Following the same routine, each day can get quite dull after a time, no matter how passionate you are about your job. You must invest time (and doesn’t take more than 10 mins) in picking the right outfit depending on the day plan. This is better done the previous night, try it!. Staring at your wardrobe in the morning can just be a time killer and add to the morning stress. Choose the next day’s dress, the footwear, and accessories that go with it or make a mental note of the same. See to it that the footwear is clean and the dress is ironed and has no creases and ensure all accessories you plan to wear are in order. Your clothes have a direct impact on your mood and confidence. You can join grooming classes to know the style and trends that will look good on you. Or, you can also start experimenting on your own to pick the best dresses that pep you up for work.

Start Your Day with a New Recipe! You will love it.

Cooking can be quite tiring because it is time-consuming, but, what if your daily chore is to cook a new recipe every day. Life demands fun and joy every moment. You can delve into more unique cuisines and food items. Buy recipe books or refer to online videos. The digital world has made everything possible in a few taps and clicks. Prepare a healthy breakfast for yourself and your family.

snoozing-the-alarm-decorfoMorning Alarms and the Amazing Snooze Button can Hamper Productivity

It may sound absurd to you, but hitting the snooze button at least once is not bad. Waking up instantly, and jumping off the bed as soon as the alarm goes off, can be harmful to the body. Take your time to get up but not like an hour after you hit snooze. Hit the snooze button once to get ten minutes of extra pre-wake up sleep. It is your buffer time to get into the right frame of mind and hit the floor for a great day ahead. The best alarm apps can assist.

Flowers & Indoor House Plants Add a Charm to Morningstable-flowers-decorfo

Flowers are a great source of positivity and joyfulness. The bright colors can lighten your mood and prepare you for a day full of good thoughts and hope. Explore different side-table and center table flower arrangement ideas. You can buy a cute vase online or buy something plain from a local store and then paint it yourself. Pick different flowers for different days. Top choices include roses, lilies, orchids, and carnations. Try various color schemes and themes to keep it creative and exciting for everyone.

The Smile Method to Stress-Free mornings!

One of the most underrated things we do each day is smile. Someone has rightly said that your smile is a curve that can set everything straight. Even if you have fought the previous night, a morning smile can change everything for the better. Life is all about being happy and courteous. Greet everyone in the house and cheer them up. Think of the crazy and unbelievable things that happened yesterday or earlier and laugh it up. Remember old pals and the great moments and it will bring a smile. If someone has an important meeting or test that day, wish them luck, with a big smile!

Quick Review of the Days Headlines Gives Comfort in the Days Conversations

The newspaper is a fabulous source of information. You can learn about the world and everything that is going on. It not only enhances your general knowledge but also provides you with numerous topics to discuss when you meet someone. World affairs are a great topic of conversation. This is just to get your mind prepared for more it has to handle each day. Grab that coffee and time your morning reading to 10, maybe 15 minutes. This way over time you will be able to control the time you spend on morning reads. It’s the age of mobile apps and no doubt the first reflex is to pick up the cell phone but avoiding that consciously will help you have a better morning start.

Nothing like some Family Chatter to Kickstart your Day

Once you are ready, it’s time for Your family. Talk to the family members when they wake up. It creates stronger bonds. Or, if you stay elsewhere, then you must call them to greet them good morning and discuss the day. Keeps the family relaxed and this short conversation goes a long way in keeping you grounded, happy, and focused. This is where the phone comes into your morning.

Review the List of the Days Tasks for Better Productivity

An active brain increases work productivity. But what happens when everything is cluttered, and you don’t know where to begin? Right at the beginning of the day, you must review the list of the things that you need to do. So just about when you are all set to leave, pick up the phone or the note pad and get into work mode. This also means at the end of every day you must spend 5 minutes to list down the tasks you need to do the next day. Please place them in order of priority and keep ticking off the checklist during the day as you complete them. It will get things done faster and give you more time for yourself.

Time management is the Biggest Key to Success and Mornings are No Different

Last but not least, you must ensure time management. Divide your tasks into smaller activities. Let’s consider a situation where you always get late for office. To improve your punctuality, set timing such as taking a shower by 7 am, Prepare coffee and Bfast by 7.30, Coffee and reading news headlines by breakfast by 7:45 am, and another 45 mins to dress up, meet and greet family and review the day.

Following the steps mentioned above, as part of your morning routine can help you lead a stress-free and more productive life. The way you start your day has a significant influence on the remaining hours. Get productive, get pumped!

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