The Secrets of Burning Perfumed Aromatherapy Candles At Home

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Aroma Candles or Scented Candles create an ambiance and set the pace of the mood. Scented candles are available in many fragrances and there are premium ones that offer amazing therapeutic benefits, and there are others which will have an enthralling effect on people. So broadly speaking there are the regular scented candles and the Aromatherapy candles. The main difference between aromatherapy candles and regular scented candles is that aromatherapy candles essential oils which are expensive and have their advantages. The usual scented candles use lower quality fragrance oils, have synthetic ingredients which means the fragrance is short-lived as compared to aromatherapy candles who essential oils based on natural essences have a more continuous presence of scent into the air.

You need to light up the right fragrances for the right occasions to impress, promote your overall well-being and emotional health. Research shows that negative emotions can be altered or eliminated by the effective use of aromatherapy. According to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, “in the same way that meditation can produce changes to physiological responses, certain scents can also produce changes to physiological responses.”

A basic aroma candle can give you more than what you might expect of it. Can scented candles make a difference in your life? Let’s find out,

Benefits of Burning Scented Candles at Home:

Fragrances have had a long association with memories and are known to trigger specific emotional attributes. In addition, they can help you create a fantastic welcoming environment in your home, as well as in your office. For instance:

When scented candles burn, they emit fragrances of essential oils, giving the room an aura of its own while stimulating the senses.

Lighting candles can set the required mood for an intimate romantic evening or when you need to create an unwinding background for a personal wine-and-dine party with friends or when you want the perfect setting in your meditation room at home.

Premium quality aromatherapy candles contain an ideal balance of herbs and essential oils. They work to reduce stress and relieve anxiety.
If you are suffering from a runny nose or chest contestation, certain candles can stimulate the process of decongestion. They can also help relieve symptoms of flu and the common cold.

Those suffering from sleep disorders can get much help from specific soothing candles for the bedroom. When you are feeling physically low, lightning a handful of aromatherapy candles can pump up your energy.

In the case of mental fatigue, the soothing fragrance of selected candles drive away the feeling of fatigue and help you relax.

Have aching muscles? Some Scented candles can have healing powers that stimulate muscle relaxation.

Certain candles can double up as insect repellants. Which means you can do away with the mosquitoes buzzing around you and put to rest worries about any related illness.

Decorating Your Rooms with Candles:

Some decorative Candles make for beautiful room décor items, even if you do not intend to use them. An artistically designed candle with a beautiful candle stand can make any room sing. You can make use of accessories like hanging tea light lanterns, glass bobeches of various designs, metal candle holders, as well as candle adhesives to keep your candles safely placed and look super stylish. They would also catch dripping wax, if any.


Best time and occasions for burning candles:

Burning a scented candle with therapeutic properties can work wonders. For example:

While starting your day, try lighting up a scented candle with a sip of your favorite morning beverage. The soothing aroma, when paired with the flavor of your tea/coffee, signals the brain to focus better. Thus, you can kick-start your day with a peaceful state of mind.

While reading books, especially fiction, or a biography, you can choose to have a calming scent around your room. Candles and books can be the best of companions. Both of them have the properties of reducing mental fatigue. Thus, they complement each other.

When you are working hard on that last-minute assignment, candles can help elevate your senses and adjust to the work atmosphere. Scented candles can also be excellent gift ideas for friends, especially the new colleagues who might be facing a tough time to fit into a new environment.

Aromatherapy vs Scented Candles – which one to pick?:

Both types of candles will make your rooms fragrant. However, there are distinct differences between them. Aromatherapy candles are infused with essential oils and work better than regular scented varieties in many aspects.

Aromatherapy candles advantages:

· They are all-natural and carry the best quality essential oils
· They burn for a longer time
· Burning them is safer than the standard quality scented oils. The
longer wicks and inferior quality oil can make the scented candles catch fire fast.

Scented / Aroma Candles for Perfect Situations:

It is time to learn about the candles and some of their popular properties,

Having recurrent bouts of anxiety and tension? Try a candle that comes with a bitter orange blend.
You can use lemon-scented candles to relieve nausea, as well as invigorate the mind and body.
For creating a romantic ambience, as well as to create a pleasant sleeping environment, you can light candles having Damask rose fragrance.
Lavender is best known for its calming properties. So if you are overstressed, then lightning up lavender-scented candles regularly can help you destress. If you do not prefer lavender, then you can choose from mandarin, rose, clary sage and peppermint-scented candles to destress.
Eucalyptus has properties to cure clogged sinuses, as well as treat colds. Alternatively, you can choose a peppermint oil candle or a black pepper oil candle.
Cedar-wood scented candles can help improve focus and concentration. It seems they have some positive effects on the brain-pattern. Cinnamon and bergamot scented candles will also work well if you want to focus.
Need to create the most calming and refined ambience at your dinner party? Try candles with French vanilla fragrance.
Ginger aromatherapy candles are just the thing you would need to manage muscle tension
Use sandalwood oil candles or chamomile, or marjoram candles to enjoy better sleep.
Lighting basil or a bergamot scented candle can help you to relax when you are suffering from a mental blockage.

Shopping For Aromatherapy Candles:

Whether you want to gift candles or use them at home, there are many options and you will be spoilt for choice. We figured some candles seemed better than others but then it’s all subject to one’s individual choices but in any case feel free to check these out,

The PAN AROMAS Tealight Candle (French Vanilla) 15 Pack has a lingering fragrance and can burn burns for upto 2 hours. These candles are smokeless and do not drip.

The Lighthaus Candles Set of 4 Richly Scented Candles comes in 4 breathtaking fragrances of English Rose, Lavender Fields, Vanilla Caramel and Midnight Jasmine. The choicest materials for the wick, paired with an excellent wax blend, contribute to an impressive burn-time. It can be an excellent buy if you are looking for romantic candle lights, spa treatments, calm and serene meditation time, etc.

AVNID Mini Jar Scented Smokeless Candles Pack of 6 are mini jars of candles that come in assorted fragrances. It comes with little pots of candles with various scents, including Lemon Grass, French Rose, Jasmine, Vanilla Bean, Lavender and Sandalwood. The tiny pots have enough candle wax for single use. These cuties can decorate a center table or corner stands.

Wrapping up:

No matter the scented candle you choose to buy, make sure to shop around a little on online sites and local market stores. Check out testimonials before you compare prices and buy small candle packs before you go for the monthly stock of your aromatherapy or scented candles.

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