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A space for a small girl is also a workplace, a place for long fun and chit chat with friends, so this space should be particularly comfortable, flexible, and relaxed. We have compiled a few suggestions to help you discover some teenage girls’ room ideas for the adorable and the cutest princess at home.

If you’re searching for ideas for a complete space redesign or searching for the last feature to bind the space together, the list below includes something for everyone. This beautifully selected series of teen girl room ideas is sure to tickle every adolescent fancy.

Teenage girl room ideas

Teenage girl room paint ideas

  • Teenage girl’s room paint can be of classic colors. Where the interiors are white, beige, more colorful and lively look, use vibrant blue, violet.
  • Olive green, lemon, yellow, orange tones, give the room summer and a happy mood.
  • Soft sandy and natural wood tones with a range of colors in the girl’s bedroom make a room appear prominent.
  • Dark violet or black colors of purple, light pink, or yellow shades are sometimes used in the teenage girl’s room color platter to appeal to youthfulness.
  • It is especially apt to look in space in delicate pastel or bright colors, such as purple, light green, coral, turquoise, or lilac.
  • A matching black-and-white mixture or a two-tone mix with the same tones with varying saturations is not a good option for a teenage girl’s bedroom color combination.

Teenage girl room ideas

The Teenager’s bedroom, which has limited space, needs meticulous decoration, a reasonable amount of decor, and competent furniture that does not surround the house.

Such an area may be enhanced by an excess of artificial or natural lights, a palette of color tints, a mirror, or polished surfaces. Large furniture and heavy curtains and textiles should not be used in this space.

For a narrow space, it might be more fitting to create a working area near the window and a berth along the wall. The chest of drawers, the wardrobe, and other storage facilities would be of medium size.

A large room is ideal for the use of expansive wardrobes, shelving, a couch, a large bed, and other decorative features, enabling you to turn the bedroom into a lively place to spend time.

With an appropriate ceiling height, a two-story structure can lead to better use of the space. It can also be used as a place to sit, study, or be social with friends.

It is necessary to accomplish a proper demarcation of space in some areas. At the time, light curtains, screens, or glass partitions help to divide the sleeping space.

The corner of the front door could be a perfect position for the bunk. The work area should be located closer to the window or the combined balcony and fitted with a working bench, an appropriate number of drawers, textbook shelves, and the necessary work equipment.

A separate area for relaxing and receiving guests, complete with a couch, armchairs, or frameless ottomans, can be installed in a spacious space.

In a teenage girl’s bedroom, the inclusion of a closet is an integral part of the interior.

For storage systems, drawer cabinets, wardrobes, or innovative built-in wardrobe models with mirrored can be the perfect choice to make for a girl’s room.

How to decorate a teenage girl’s room?

Teenage girl room idea : Curtains and blinds

The elongated curtains on the floor are perfect for a teenager’s bedroom, which muffle bright sunshine, but at the same time, do not make the space too dim. It is easier to hang lightweight cotton yarn and tulle curtains in a limited room or to plan a window with sleek roller versions and blinds.

Based on the color scheme, curtains are selected. The furniture range should also fit appropriately along with the lighting and the general design of the room.

A girl’s bedroom is always adorned with a royal canopy or umbrella, in the shape of a weightless cloth, perfectly placed over the pillow, so that the daughter feels like a true queen.


Teenage girl room idea : Furniture

Because of the versatility of the space, you can pay special attention to the furniture. Mandatory features of this bedroom include a bed, a desk with a chair, and a wardrobe.

The work/study desk should be as comfortable as possible, characterized by practicality and fitted with drawers for different accessories. It is also essential to take charge of high-quality lighting and intensity of light in the working environment.

With ample room space, it is feasible to mount a bookcase and hanging shelves, although, in a small room, it is advisable to opt for built-in compartment versions.

The best option for a bed is to position a single or a half bed depending on the space of the room, and some time bunk bed may come as a space saver in a smaller area.

The bedroom may be fitted with a compact furniture package, adding many items at once, e.g., in the shape of a sofa, a shelving panel, and a mattress. A comparable choice is especially suitable for narrow spaces in the apartment.

Equally lucrative is the construction of a podium bed with built-in drawers or niches for items. It’s also helpful to balance the mood with the aid of the chair, hammock, ottomans, floor pillows, or even sporting equipment for enthusiastic young girls.

Teenage girl room idea : Decor

Teenage girls at this age tend to change and personalize the ambient room with the aid of accessories created by their own hands, numerous fun posters, photos, and other items.

You should designate a particular spot for home-made decoration. In a teenager’s apartment, who is fond of rock music, a place may be more beautifully built, for example, by pasting walls with pictures, artwork on them, or with musical instruments.

The carpet would be a stunning design throughout the bedroom, both in relaxed and lighter colors. You may also produce highlights in the shape of potted plants or flowers.

An essential addition to a girl’s bedroom is a mirror, characterized by its measurements and the unusual arrangement.

Teenage girl room idea : Lighting

Use ordinary chandeliers that hang in the middle of the ceiling as decoration. Such overhead illumination also requires other light sources, such as floor lamps, wall lamps, or bedside lamps.

You may give special attention to the proper lighting of the teen’s bedroom if they don’t have ample natural light in the house. LED lights are safe, economical, and can be a good option while listing for teenage girls room decor ideas.

Wallpaper with different prints and patterns can be an excellent choice for wall decoration. Murals or sketches are a relatively popular decoration choice for adolescent girls’ bedrooms.

It is best to use natural fabrics for floorings, such as a parquet board or a moist and comfortable carpet.


Room styles for teenage girls.

  • Minimalism style of teenage room
  • Hollywood Regency style of teenage room
  • Scandinavian style of teenage room
  • Bohemian style of teenage room
  • The classic style of the teenage room
  • French country style of teenage room
  • Modern style of teenage room
  • The shabby chic style of teenage room


Minimalism style of teenage room

This style is mostly clean, and it suits particularly harmoniously with the interior of a small space and a bedroom for older teenagers. Minimalism has a small number of color combinations and has a compact, closed and slightly bland furniture.

Colour palettes are neutral and subtle, with simple furniture that is sensible and functional.

Hollywood Regency style of teenage room

It’s a bold architectural theme, suitable for teenagers who want to make a point. This type of design will include some of the elements of Victorian architecture, including pelvis, silk seating, tufting, and antiques.

The paint palettes are especially bold and consist of shades of orange, red, and turquoise.

Scandinavian style of teenage room

It is fitting to use a white or light gray color palette as a backdrop in the Nordic style. The furniture is a relatively basic wooden frame with minimal decoration.

Many standard aspects include all-white paint palettes and the introduction of natural products such as shape-pressed oak, colorful plastics, and enameled metal, steel, and broad plank flooring.

Bohemian style of teenage room

Bohemian is a common theme of home design and fashion. It represents a carefree lifestyle with no guidelines, but to obey the urge of your hearts.

Bohemian homes that have antique furniture and light fixtures internationally influenced textiles and rugs, exhibits of collections, this trendy design may include an ultra-glass chandelier combined with a well-worn rug and a mid-century chair. There’s a laissez-faire mentality in the Bohemian world where everything happens as long as you want it.

The classic style of the teenage room

Classics or neo-classics are distinguished by elegant and costly furniture, the manufacture of which uses natural materials, luxury carpets, wrought iron or crystal candlesticks, as well as decoration in strict shades.

The construction of a teenage bedroom can be made simpler and more comfortable by removing the high-end luxury of classic style.

The French country style of teenage room

The theme has an underlying influence on the farmhouse.

French Country style can involve soft and warm shades of red, yellow, or gold and natural materials such as stone and brick. French Country furniture can include sets of ornate porcelain dishes and heavy linen and bed linen.

Modern style of teenage room

A term that more often use to define a contemporary style is elegant, so there’s not a lot of clutter or accessories involved with a modern design.

Modern is a specific concept in architecture that usually applies to a teenage room with smooth, straight lines, a bright color palette, and the use of materials that could include aluminum, glass, and steel.

The shabby chic style of teenage room

Shabby chic, a genuinely feminine form, and thus uniquely tailored to a girl’s bedroom. Shabby chic furniture is mostly either aged or looks that way; color seems to have antique-style finishes. The color palettes of Shabby Chic include gray, cream, and pastel. Light fixtures and wall mountings can be color to carry the feminine look of shabby chic style across the girl’s room.

Teenage girl room ideas for sisters

Each sister would have a space of their own with a living area and a changing room for storage. As a result, girls will be more relaxed and have more personal space, while one daughter will be playing with toys the other will be involved in older hobbies.

Within a tiny area, it would be fair to put a bed with an additional pull-out couch or a two-story frame for a more comfortable room with two full-sleeved beds. You may hang a roof, mount screens, or light partitions to create a secluded environment.

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