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Create Amazing wall designs with these Stencil Painting and Craft Tips

Ideas & Tips

Wall designs can transform your living space instantly. Plain walls can sometimes look incredibly dull. Your bedroom, dining area, bathroom walls, and the kids’ room denote your personality. While some people prefer using dark colours, some choose light colours to match their mood. Continue reading ahead to learn about some of the best and most creative feature wall ideas. You can use wall stencils and other daily use craft items for these DIY tips and tricks. Decorate your home today to create a comfortable, lavish, and beautiful area.

Aztec-wall-design-ideas-decorfoDo you love the Aztec prints?

The Aztec print refers to a set of geometrical patterns that are linked to one another and coloured beautifully. Several contrasting colours give it an animated and illusionary effect. While you can make a multi-hued Aztec wall design, you may also choose to keep it a combination of two colours. For example, if you have plain white walls in your bedroom, then you can make an Aztec wall design in blue and white only. Blue is a soft colour that matches most other shades. You can put bright bed sheets and covers. You may try more accent wall ideas for the bedroom.

Let’s add some magic and mysticism to your walls

Another idea for amazing wall design is to add magic and mysticism to your living space. Dull walls can sink your spirits, but beautiful walls will make you feel happier and delighted. How about a golden pattern against the wall behind a candle set? Most people place consoles at the home entrance and decorate it with a flower arrangement and candles. You can make the wall look exotic with a trendy design.

Experience Mughal royalty at your house

The Mughals were known for their royal lifestyle, breathtaking architecture, and general appreciation of art. Now, you can experience it at a very affordable rate in your house. Considered one of the best and classic seating area wall designs, you can paint eaves with intricate designs behind the sofa sets. You can experiment with as many colours as you want and then install colourful sofas and chairs to match the decor. You can easily buy online stencils and watch tutorials if you are unsure of how to go about it. A pro-tip is to invest in antique porcelain and cutlery to complete the look.

How about the wheels of success?

Wheels are symbolic of human evolution, industrial development, and prosperity. They denote that you are moving ahead from the past and driving into the future. Life is all about what you feel represents you best. Thus, if you are someone who loves adventure yet wants a subtle wall at home, this design is the ideal one for you. Against a light wooden backdrop, you can make silver wheels. They may be spike wheels or the industrial clock wheels. Different bikes can further have different ideas such as a wall, any dish you like to eat, or any celestial body.

flower-stencils-and floral-designs-for-your-wall-paintingDo flowers ever go out of fashion?

Floral walls are a significant hit amongst the masses because the walls look cheerful and creative. Psychologically proven, flowers have several benefits, such as helping you release stress, inculcating the happy hormone, and improving work productivity. Flowers lighten your mood, no matter what. One of the best ways to welcome guests, flower wall stencils are readily available online. Get creative with flowers such as roses, lotuses, and lilies.

animal-wall-stencil-design-decorfoAre you a fan of anime?

If you love anime, cartoon characters, or superheroes, then it is your chance to transfer your love from your heart to the walls of your bedroom. The bedroom is a very private place where you can be yourself and do what you want. Anime is one of those accent wall stencil ideas where you speak your mind. You can print any graphic design on the wall. All you need to do is sit down, think which character you like, and get customized online stencils. Or, you can also make a huge collage on the side walls.

Words are criticalword-stencils-for-walls-decorfo

Words are essential because they form the basis of all your interactions with people around you. Thus, how about welcoming people home with a big ‘HOME’ sign right outside the door? Similarly, you can also do creative things for the kids’ bedroom, such as a play corner or a chill-time zone. Kids are naturally drawn towards colours, and they love such efforts. It can be a pleasant activity where you work with your children and spend quality time with them. You can also think of other words that are special to you.

What if your room had fresh flowers, leaves, and chirping birds?

Imagine sitting by a splashing stream, listening to birds, and smelling fresh flowers. The light breeze ruffles your hair, and a small leaf falls on your shoulder. Well, it sounds like a perfect dream that most of us miss out on the tiring city life’s monotonous work schedule. But you can add many of these elements to your wall. A black tree painted against a yellow wall will look stunning. Add colorful birds, flowers, and fairy lights for the stream. Let your imagination flow wild!

Don’t restrict yourself to one wall design

If you want to do something out of the box, then don’t restrict yourself to one accent wall idea. Experiment with your home. Create a set of four to five wall designs and then place them together. You are at complete freedom to make anything you want. Moreover, you can ask every family member to create one. Finally, you can compile all of them on the wall and show our united diversity. Every family member is unique and deserves recognition.

Symbols of prosperity always win the toss

Last but not least, your dining area is an extremely significant area of the house where you serve guests or have supper together every evening. If you are looking for accent wall ideas for the dining room, then this is the perfect place for you. The dining table area needs to have an inviting atmosphere. Thus, it would help if you tried your hand at different symbols of prosperity such as still life painting of a breakfast platter, a fruit basket, some bamboo plants, a holy symbol, and likewise.

The accent wall ideas mentioned above are tried-and-tested in several properties, so you can be assured that your home will also look majestic. You must feel free to try any design you want. Think profoundly and innovate with your home walls. Before you do the final design on the wall, you must make important considerations such as the wall colour, the design colour, the space you need, the area where you are doing it, etc.

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