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It is a fact that people find ironing mundane, boring, and dreary- especially those who consider trying to make clothes straight and getting into them a Herculean task. At least, most of us have something in common ,and we can rightfully describe ironing in one word- dull. And, yes, this is a universal problem.

Are there people out there who dislike ironing as much as I do?

Surprisingly, yes. You are not alone. Statistical data reveals that a majority of adults in the United States find ironing the least favorite chore in the household. 28% of females and 20% of the people who took Opinium Research’s survey agreed that they disliked ironing with an unrivaled passion. The survey results also concluded that 25% kept off ironing at least for an entire week.

Maybe, I should try learning the what, why, and how of a clothes iron first.

Since we can’t do without ironing, maybe we should try to make it a bit more enjoyable and interesting. For that, let’s first take a look at the different types of clothes iron. The right iron will help make ironing less boring, less tedious, and less of a chore, even!

Basic Clothes Iron:

If you can’t fathom how to operate the dial to control the temperature, then you better don’t choose this one. Besides, you need to carry a spray bottle in one hand and try ironing with the other. Also, they are too heavy.

steam-ironing-tipsSteam Iron:

Let’s call it the most popular choice and the fast-selling type in the market. It comes with a small water tank, which you must fill occasionally. The water lets the iron produce steam, which would result in a smoother and easier press job. Plus, it also gives your clothes a neat finish! The burst of steam helps get rid of stubborn wrinkles too.


Vertical Steam iron:ironing-hacks-decorfo

More expensive than the steam iron, but you pay for the steam that goes in two directions- horizontal and vertical. Reduces the wrinkles and helps you get your job done faster.





Travel Iron:

you a frequent traveler? Then maybe, this iron might work for you. Compact in size, and cordless, it solves your ironing needs on the go. It may or may not come with steam capabilities though.

Why is steam iron the best option?

Obviously, as opposed to traditional or basic clothes iron, the better option would be steam iron, which can let out its own steam. These days, people also suggest using the best steam press for home use as it has got high steaming power.

How to use a steam iron properly?

Once you fill the water compartment of the iron, give it enough time to heat up. You can start ironing once the red light goes off. If the iron doesn’t heat up properly, then water will drip out of the soleplate and wet the cloth all over. You can press the stream burst button to smooth out extremely wrinkled areas.

Tips to use steam iron

A few steam ironing tips include:

  • Ironing in circular motions can cause the fabric to stretch out, so, iron clothes by moving the iron in an up and down motion.
  • If you want to iron a long sheet without getting one end of it wrinkled while you work on the other end, then place a chair at one end of the ironing board.
  • While ironing delicate fabric, use a pressing cloth. This tip helps in protecting the material.
  • Hang your clothes up once you iron them so that they catch no wrinkles again.
  • To get out the wrinkles from pants made out of thick fabric, consider ironing the inside of the pants first, and then the outside.
  • While ironing a garment with pleats, use paperclips to get the crisp lines that make pleated garments fashionable.
  • You can’t iron without an ironing board!

Should I get a different ironing board?

Ironing boards make ironing way easier. The trick lies in choosing the ironing board that would meet your requirements the best. A few take the ironing board price into account too.

The three types of ironing boards include:

table-for-ironing-clothes-decorfoPortable ironing boards:

As the name suggests, these boards can be moved about easily as it comes with flexible legs. You can set it up in no time.

Table-top ironing boards:tabletop-ironing-board-decorfo

These boards have shorter legs compared to portable ironing boards and are usually placed over a table. Those with limited space in their flat might find these effective.

wall-mounted-ironing-board-decorfoWall-fixed ironing boards:

Wall-mounted ironing boards are usually fixed on the wall, and one can also fold it when the board is not in use. These boards help you save up space.

How to make ironing an enjoyable task

  • Cut back on trying to iron everything. For instance, you don’t have to iron undergarments, socks, dusters, or dishcloths because it doesn’t matter whether they are creased or wrinkle-free.
  • Avoid piling up clothes that are to be ironed. Start ironing right away once the clothes are out of the washing machine. It makes the prospect of ironing less daunting for you.
  • Make ironing a part of your routine, such that you can’t avoid ironing around the same time the next week.
  • Setting a time limit is an excellent way to get yourself ironing at a faster pace.
  • Use fragranced ironing water not only to scent your clothes but to pleasure your olfactory senses.
  • It would push you to continue ironing with a trouble-free mind.
  • Listening to music or watching television can lighten your ironing worries.
  • The promise of a reward can be motivating, so reward yourself after every ironing session.

Tips and tricks to speed up ironing

  • Iron a dryer sheet first. This goes a long way in cleaning the soleplate, which ensures that your iron does its job effectively. In steam iron, a dirty soleplate causes more resistance, less glide and affects the steam output.
  • It’s a wastage of time changing temperatures often and waiting for the iron to cool down or heat up. Sorting your clothes according to the fabric type can be timesaving. Different fabric types would require different temperatures, so once you’ve sorted them out, you can iron clothes of the same fabric type in one go, and proceed with the next lot.
  • As mentioned earlier, use steam iron to speed up your ironing!
  • Damp clothing is easier to iron. This is why we suggest ironing clothes right after they are out of the washing machine, for they would be a bit damp and you can iron them and get out the creases easily.
  • Cheat a bit by ironing the visible parts of a shirt that goes inside a suit.
  • You can show stubborn creases the exit door with a mixture of vinegar and water in a spray bottle.
  • Spray some and run the iron over it. Tada!
  • You can reduce your ironing time by covering the ironing board from beneath with aluminum foil.
  • The foil reflects heat, so essentially, you are ironing the cloth from both sides.

Ironed clothes certainly create an impression on the beholder and you can’t disagree with the fact that people hardly like to pay attention to someone in a week old rumpled clothes. You can’t escape ironing, but make it easier and enjoyable with these tips and tricks!

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